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Sunday, August 23, 2015

AMERIDECK Bike to Truck lifts!   August, 2015

Alternates for hauling the bike...   

Having experienced several challenges getting my bike into a truck/trailer, I'm adding a convenience item to my truck.    And I just became a distributor for AmeriDeck SuperDeck III !   

My friend Skip out in OR is letting me sell for him and it's quite a useful tool!

You can get plenty of  details from various websites about the AmeriDeck.   It has two sizes, priced the same, for short or long-bed pickups.  About the only thing to be cautious of is to make certain that your truck can handle the load... or potential load.  The deck weighs about #600.  Add to that the potential to carry two bikes (#1,600 additional?) and then try to make a panic stop at 65 MPH.   A very light truck may not be the best application... but it's your call.

Priced at $3,640.00 plus freight from the factory in PA to your location or your installer.   Installation takes about 3 hours and, other than lifting the device into place, it's just a matter of a few bolts and power from the vehicle battery.  

Here's a link to the detail brochure P1. <<<
Here's the link to P2 with the product specs. <<<

Give me a call for details and to get your Amerideck on it's way to your truck!     717-620-9676    Jeff

See more at AmerideckWest.com ...  And tell them that "That Kurtz guy sent us!"

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