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Photos & Videos!

Here is a list of links to photo collections.   There are too many photos to post them all:  (scroll down for some pics from our customers.)

Can-Am Spyder on deck photos:  Click Here <<<

Wide decks and flatbed trucks:  Click Here <<<  (note:  Most of these are after-market modifications.

Two-up, Sidecars and Trikes:  Click Here <<<

Misc photos from us and our users:  Click Here <<<


Here are just a few of the videos you will find on Youtube featuring the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III in use!  Feel free to send your own videos so we can add to these.

Spin Cycle Motorcycle Towing, Trenton, NJ:

Harley Davidson of Charolette:

Confer Motorcycle Towing:  HI

Mike's MC Transport, Mesa, AZ:

Vinny's MC Towing:

Demo on my own truck with my BMW 650GS:

Landscape equipment delivery:

My first Harley roadside rescue:

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