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There's not too much that can go wrong with an AmeriDeck system!

Recommended AmeriDeck SuperDeck III Maintenance

Below are the recommended regular maintenance procedures that all AmeriDeck™
Hydraulic Loading System owners should follow.
• Grease all pivot pins every (60-90 days)
• Grease wheel axles every (60-90 days)
• Lubricate slide in rolling wheel bars every (60-90 days)
• Maintain a good electrical ground connection
• Keep the oil reservoir topped up (use Dextron IV Automatic Transmission Oil)
   ( Fill with lift arm collapsed on the frame.)
• Spray all electrical connections with anti corrosion spray or apply lithium grease.
Squirting liquid soap on the rollers helps the deck rails slide into position when loading.

There are 5 pivot pins and two roller shafts.


Trouble shooting:

Deck not loading straight:

On uneven surfaces, the deck sometimes will not line
up correctly with the "keel rollers" at the back of the lift arm assembly.  Always watch this positioning when loading (retracting) the deck.  If the "rails"under the deck do not line up exactly with the rollers, just give the deck a bump with your shoulder or hip,  I apply shampoo the rollers occasionally to help the rails slide into position.

Here's the link to the parts manual:

Parts Manual <<<


Control issues:

The control pendant has a plug so that the control module can be disconnected and kept dry in your truck.  Pulling on this plug can loosen the wires inside and cause a loss of control.
this happened on my own unit and I have to press the wires into the plug to establish a connection.  We do sell replacement pendants but I haven't gotten around to that.

If you are experiencing control problems you can "ring out" the connections as follows.

Jumber between the lower left "power" socket (12V) and the "hydraulic pump" socket.  This should activate the pump.  Do not leave the pump running this way as no valves are open and it will over heat.

If the pump does not activate,  use a volt meter to check that the power socket has 12v at all times.  If the socket does not have power you need to check the black wire connection down beside the hydraulic pump.  If that does not have power check the circuit breaker up by your battery.

To test the solenoids, put a jumper between either of the upper sockets and the power socket.  You should hear a click from a solenoid.  With that connection maintained, connect a jumper to the pump socket and the cylinder should extend or retract.

If all of these connections work, the problem is likely in the controller with the push-buttons.  We do sell complete replacement pendants for $165 + shipping.

 Standard Pendant is $165 plus shipping.
High end Pendant (waterproof and built to last) is $250 plus shipping. 

Wireless Remote $165 (shipping runs about $7+-)


Trouble shooting Hydraulics:

The hydraulic package is from Bucher Hydraulics, Grand Rapids, MI   616-458-1306

Model # M3551-0514


Bucher has dealers nationwide and all of the components are available off-the-shelf.  You can order them through us but it's cheaper to buy from them.

We had one system that had a problem when it was stopped part way down.  The cylinder would creep (while extending) with no power applied.  This turned out to be a problem with the smaller of the two control valves.  We replaced this one under warranty and the customer installed it themselves.  Any hydraulic shop should be able to help with this.


Wireless not working:  This is due to the battery being low.  Using a tiny screwdriver, open the wireless transmitter and remove the circuit board.  The battery is a size 2450 and you would do well to keep a spare around, along with a tiny screwdriver.

When the battery is getting low the blue light on the face of the fob will flicker.


Are you looking for a way to get more out of your existing fleet? Do you have concerns that you will not be able to complete all of your work with limited staffing? AmeriDeck™ can be a solution to these issues no matter what government entity your work for. As a proven transportation solution, AmeriDeck™ can help you accomplish your tasks with fewer trucks and people.


Are you in the Law Enforcement field and need to find a safer more convenient way to transport motorcycles and other equipment from place to place. Well the AmeriDeck™ Loading System is the system for you. This is possibly one of the safest systems on the market to load and unload anything because its innovative design allows the deck to lay flat on the ground. All you have to do is push the motorcycle or equipment on to the deck, strap it down, push a button and watch as your truck loads itself. Now, one employee can safely perform a job that formerly took two or three employees to complete.

ATV Delivery

Does your business deliver ATVs or quads? If so you should seriously consider adding the AmeriDeck™ hydraulic loading system to your businesses fleet. With the proven safe and secure hauling options that this system provides, your company will have a first rate method for delivering ATVs or Quads to your customers. Capable of moving any ATV or quad with ease, the AmeriDeck™ system will allow one person to deliver one or two AVTs or quads safely to a customer when you may have needed two people to complete the task in the past. Gone are the days of ramps, boards and loading or unloading related injuries.

UTV Delivery

Do you own a business that sells UTV’s? If so the Amerideck loading system could help you save time and money when delivering these All-terrain vehicles, No Trailer Required. Whether you are delivering a Ranger, Bush Hog, Rhino, Teryx or Prowler you know the challenge of transporting these heavy UTV’s. We here at AmeriDeck™ are able to provide you with a safe and easy to use solution to load and unload your products. The AmeriDeck system has a hydraluic arm that will lay the deck flat on the ground for safe loading up to 2,500 lbs. With a 8′ by 5′ ground level loading space, one person can safely deliver most UTV’s when you may have needed two people to complete the task in the past. Gone are the days of ramps, boards and loading or unloading related injuries. Check out what an AmeriDeck™ system equipped with a SuperDeck III™ can do for you.

Motorcycle Recovery

Are you currently hauling broken down motorcycles using a roll back or a pulley system? When a motorcycle goes down many times the owner is experiencing a very bad day, using the AmeriDeck™ system to transport a person’s bike gives them the confidence that it will make it home or to the shop without experiencing additional damage. AmeriDeck™ is the choice for truly progressive recovery companies.


If your business is looking for a progressive way to deliver wood, appliances, tile or even granite AmeriDeck™ may be the solution for you. Giving you the ability to transport 2,500 lbs. of materials securely in the back of your truck, the AmeriDeck™ system is the smart solution for your transportation needs.

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