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Specs. and Prices

The SuperDeck III is a packaged lift deck, complete with wiring harness installed and ready to make two simple connections to your vehicle battery (including a 150 amp circuit breaker and necessary cables.)

Parts Manual <<<

If you are looking for motorcycle towing and transporting equipment, AmeriDeckMidwest offers the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III in both 6'6" and 8' designs.

The Decks in the diagram are as follows: (Printable General Brochure <<<)

SuperDeck III - 96" x 58"  (Our primary motorcycle deck) $4,380.00
SuperDeck III Short-bed - 78" x 58" $4,380.00
Can-Am Spyder Deck - 102" x 58" landing wheels ar 62" clear $4,770.00
ChoreMaster - 93.5" x 53.75" (42 C.F. capacity - $5,190 (Printable<<<)

Can-Am extension: - $650 - adds 12" to 8' deck and is 76" wide.
This 12" deck extension for the SuperDeck III - $530.00 (adds 12" to deck)

Wireless Remote - $164

Installation takes about two hours and requires only routing the power and ground cables and drilling two 9/16 holes thru the truck bed for schedule 8 bolts with two backing plates, securing the deck to the truck.

The hydraulic pump and motor are already installed at the front frame member of the lift assembly.

These devices are often referred to as Towing Equipment or
transport systems.  This does not require any license as a towing company does, nor is there special insurance requirements. This is considered "transporting" just as would be an econoline van.

The short and long-bed versions differ only in overall length and the size of the lift arm.  Exercise caution when attaching or detaching the deck from the lift.  Both the deck and the lift frame weigh about #300.

When secure in the truck, the deck is about 6" below the sidewalls of my Chevy 2500HD pickup.  The 58" width of the deck leaves about 2" on either side between the deck and the sidewalls.  The inside dimension between the landing wheels on the standard deck is 62" with the wheel mount frames are 58" between.  The Can-Am Spyder deck wheels and frames are 4" further apart.

 The deck shown is the short bed deck with a flat deck surface 78" long, plus a 6" ramp section.  The 96" long be version will have a slightly less tilt angle, as would a short bed deck with 18" extension added..

The two to-position landing wheels are detachable.

The wheels can be inverted for use on soft surfaces, as shown here.  The deck is lifted about 2" from the ground.

 Tje dimensions shown here are mesured from the rear surface of the deck lift frame.  The exact position of the frame when mounted in your truck may be closer or further from the buklhead in your truck.  When installed in a 2016 Dodge short-bed truck, the deck frame will extend 2" BEYOND the truck bed.

The wheel here is in the standard position.  The deck will be within 1/2" of the pavement when landed.  The wheel mount is similar to a hitch reciever and has two positions 4" increments as pictured.

The 18" deck extension on the short or long-bed models is installed in the same reciever sockets.

The control buttons are on a pendent cable which can be unplugged in order that un-authorized individuals do not attempt to operate the deck.

The stock decks extend 8 - 10" beyond the back of the truck bed, depending on your venicle and bed liner, headache rack, etc.  These systems are designed to work with most trailering situations, but call us if you have questions.

Recommended AmeriDeck SuperDeck III Maintenance
Below are the recommended regular maintenance procedures that all AmeriDeck™
Hydraulic Loading System owners should follow.
• Grease all pivot pins every (60-90 days)
• Grease wheel axles every (60-90 days)
• Lubricate slide in rolling wheel bars every (60-90 days)
• Maintain a good electrical ground connection
• Keep the oil reservoir topped up (use Dextron Automatic Transmission Oil)
• Spray all electrical connections with anti corrosion spray or apply lithium grease

Ask about our custom made Storage Body!

Need replacement wheels?   You can buy them from the factory for $100 each or from this supplier for about $19 each.  https://shop.servicecaster.com/8-x-2-Polyurethane-on-Cast-Iron-Wheel-p/scc-pur820-gb.htm?gclid=CjwKCAjw2cTmBRAVEiwA8YMgzatr4DRmpXV4B4AXnrJvc8y0Qpr45CzABhYmH1GhPSXZ_6L0OfEVMBoCkSgQAvD_BwE

What are the most asked questions about motorcycle hauling?
Do I need a special license to deliver motorcycles?   Answer:  NO.  See related article.
How can I safely load a motorcycle into a pickup truck?  Answer:  AmeriDeck is the safest of all!
What's an alternative to motorcycle ramps:  Answer:  AmeriDeck SuperDeck III.
Where can I learn more about the Amerideck SuperDeck III Powerdeck? Answer:  Right HERE!
Where can I find a portable storage container that I can move in my pickup truck?  Answer: HERE!
Where can I find an amerideck dealer near me?  Answer:  We ship nationwide and can find an installer near you.
What trailer is best for hauling a motorcycle?
What trailer is best for hauling a Can-Am Spyder?  Answer:  PowerDeck, of course.  No license plate required.

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  1. Can you post more detailed photos. So I can see what it looks like without the truck bed sides. Also, add all dimensions. I Have multiple bed styles I'LL be utilizing.