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The AmeriDeck 18” Deck Extension is an simple way to add length to either your short-bed or long-bed SuperDeck III. In December we added a new Can-Am extension which works with the short or long bed decks. See below.

IMG_20160407_105737141_HDR.jpgThe extension adds 12” to the flat deck surface (98.5” overall when added to the short-bed deck,  108” when added to the standard long-bed deck) plus a “beaver-tail” ramp to ground level.  
The extension itself weighs #62 plus #41 for the wheels = #103 overall.  Installation is simply installing the wheel bars 26” long wheel-bars, dropping the extension over the bars and anchoring it with two ½” nuts.   These wheels cannot be removed without removing the extension.

The Can-Am extension also adds 12" to the overall deck surface and is 76" wide between the landing wheels. This can be used with the shortbed or longbed decks, but the long bed is necessary for the long Can-Am bikes. Give us a call to help determine what works best for your situation. Weight is about #125. These wheels cannot be removed without removing the extension.

The advantage of using the extension instead of the longer (102") Can-Am deck is that the extension is removable and gets rid of the overhang behind your truck when you're not using it. It's heavy, so takes two people (recommended) to install or remove.

The stock wheel-bars are 13” long (measured from the end of the bar to the center of the axle.  The Deck Extension bars are 26” long.

Relative to the Can-Am Spyder, with a wheel-base of 67.3” plus 20” from the rear axle to the rear of the trike, the stock 8' deck will support the Can-Am spyder backed onto the deck and properly secured.

As always, contact AmeriDeckMidwest at 717-620-9676.  We are the largest AmeriDeck distributor in the US with offices in IL and OR (www.AmeriDeckWest.com)

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