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Keep Substantial Dollars in your Pocket for 2018!

Thought you would find this update on Section 179 per the new recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act legislation quite interesting.  And helpful to your customers!

Combine Crest Capital's 'Section 179 Qualified Financing' with your generous Section 179 tax deduction to literally keep thousands of "bottom line" dollars in your bank account.  

Small and medium sized business should take advantage of the Section 179 Tax Deduction.  The Section 179 Tax Deduction is meant to encourage businesses to stay competitive by purchasing needed equipment, and writing off the full amount on their taxes for the current year.  The deduction limit for 2018 has been raised to a full one million dollars ($1,000,000). This is a substantial deduction and can really make a difference to your bottom line at the end of the year.  To take advantage of these high Section 179 limits for 2018, the equipment must be purchased and put into service by midnight 12/31/2018.   Use Form 4562 to claim your deduction.   

Congress has stopped the Section 179 roller coaster of the past few years, and has made the Tax Deduction limit permanent.  This is wonderful news for small and medium sized businesses, as they know early in the year that the deduction will be there for them!

Would like to be resource to you for questions you have about the process.  I am just a phone call away.  

We have a simple and easy process, flexible terms and structures, and no cost to apply nor obligation.
For deals under $150,000, we require just our one page credit app and we can decision the application in a few hours!

Use this link to apply on-line:

or, if you prefer, you can can print out our one page credit application (attached).  It can be faxed to our secured fax line at 888-391-6728 or scanned and emailed to me.

Any way you submit your application - let me know it is coming - I will get it priority handling in our credit group.  

They will be back to you shortly with your options.

Thanks for considering us.


Gary Evonsion | Crest Capital
SVP - National Accounts

Direct: (678) 585-6528

Compliments of:  www.AmeriDeckMidwest.com  -  Jeff Kurtz - 717-620-9676

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