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This isn't rocket science...   I installed mine with a borrowed 1/2" drill in about two hours time.

The wireless remote is fairly straight forward, but I don't enjoy electrical work. 

Here's a link to the instruction manual, direct from the factory.  Link is HERE <<<

Another version of the manual, with more photos, is HERE <<<

A couple suggestions:

If you put the entire assembly in your truck first, be certain to uncoil the heavy power cables from around the hydraulic pump where they are wire-tied at the factory.  Start by running the cables under the cab of your truck to the battery area.  There's a circuit breaker included in your parts box.  Mount that near the battery and connect the jumper cable to your battery and the ground cable to the truck frame.

THEN...  Operate the controller to lower the deck to the ground behind your truck and detach it from the lift arm.  Push the assembly up against the front wall of your truck bed.  Then center the lift arm assembly (the whole hoist assembly is called the lift arm).  Make certain it is centered side to side and in the exact center of your truck bed.

Drill two holes through your truck bed using the slotted holes in the lift arm base.  Have someone get underneath your truck with the two plates that are provided and check that you find a position for them that doesn't interfere with anything under your truck.

Then install the mounting screws and your're done!

Send photos, please!


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