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Freight estimates

We ship these decks direct from the factory in Hadley, PA.

Freight costs fluctuate often so we will get an estimate before we quote a final price to you.

In round numbers, in December, 2016, here are some of our recent estimates for single deck orders:

Urbana, IL :  $543
ST Louis, MO:  $628
Joplin, MO - $780
Tulsa OK:  $750
Birmingham, AL:  $425
Steamwood, IL 60107- 1 day $300.18
Meshippen, PA 18630- 1 day $427.05
Tulsa, OK $700 7 day $800 74130 -  
Laurens, IA $750 4 day $800  50554
Forest LK MN: $650 4 day $700 55025
Joplin, MO:   $725

Cedar Rapids IA $550 4 day $650 52404

Updates to be added.

If we can stack two decks and ship them to pne location the cost per deck is greatly reduced.

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