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Catalog of AmeriDeck Products

The AmeriDeck products have many options.  Those shown here are the primary decks used by individuals and business at this time. These devices are often referred to as Towing Equipment or
transport systems.  This does not require any license as a towing company does, nor is there special insurance requirements. This is considered "transporting" just as would be an econoline van.

Many options are available from the factory, however due to lead times and the cost of setting up for custom fabricating, you may save money and time by finding a local machine shop or fabricator to create the modifications you need.

The Decks in the diagram are as follows: (Printable General Brochure <<<)

SuperDeck III - 96" x 58"  (Our primary motorcycle deck) $4,380.00
SuperDeck III Short-bed - 78" x 58" $4,380.00
Can-Am Spyder Deck - 102" x 58" landing wheels ar 62" clear $4,770.00
ChoreMaster - 93.5" x 53.75" (42 C.F. capacity - $5,190 (Printable<<<)

Can-Am extension: - $650 - adds 12" to 8' deck and is 76" wide.
This 12" deck extension for the SuperDeck III - $530.00 (adds 12" to deck)

Wireless Remote - $164

Unit Weights:
Short bed lift arm    335#
Short bed SD-III     485#

Long Bed lift arm    350#

Long bed SD-III      529#

12" Deck Extension with wheels 125#
Can-Am Extension with wheels  175#

You may also want to add (purchase from your local trailer or farm supply store:

Emmergency flashers
Motorcycle wheel chocks
Electric winch or come-along
Additional anchor points
Reflective visibility tape.

Here's the link to the AmeriDeck Parts Manual <<<

Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and have your questions answered.     717-620-9676

Controllers:  The standard controller is a pendant.  Standard Pendant is $165 plus shipping.

High end Pendant (waterproof and built to last) is $250 plus shipping.  
Wireless Remote $165 (shipping runs about $7+-.)
Wireless receiver includes on/off - up and down buttons.

Size 2450 3V battery
Deep inside the wireless remote is a battery.  Carry extras with a tiny screwdriver.

Can-Am Extension shown on 8' deck.

SuperDeck III
Ask about our custom built Cargo Storage Containers!  Storage containers that can be left at job sites or carnivals to secure your inventory and equipment.

Hardware for SuperDeck III:  
The locking detent pins used for the bulkhead - hook connection, the Landing Wheel Bars and the adjustable front legs are available from most hardware stores and farm equipment dealers.  We stock them but the price is nearly yhat you can find them for locally.

Wheel-Bar - Bulkhead Pins:  

Need replacement landing wheels?  You can buy them from our factory for $100 each or from the supplier for about $19 each.  Here's the link:  https://shop.servicecaster.com/8-x-2-Polyurethane-on-Cast-Iron-Wheel-p/scc-pur820-gb.htm?gclid=CjwKCAjw2cTmBRAVEiwA8YMgzatr4DRmpXV4B4AXnrJvc8y0Qpr45CzABhYmH1GhPSXZ_6L0OfEVMBoCkSgQAvD_BwE

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  1. worked for a wrecker service and hauled cycles on one of your decks for about 4 years, Loved it ! Wish I could afford one for myself .