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Thursday, January 24, 2019


As of October 2017, all decks and lifts are now being ZINK coated by power-coating prior to the black powder coat!

Here are a few photos with dimensions for the deck and where it sits on the truck.  The actual dimensions of the flat decks are:

Short-bed:   78" open area from the wall of the deck bulkhead to where the 6" ramp begins. 
Long-bed:    96" open area

Both decks are 58" wide.  The standard bulkhead is 29 5/8" tall.

 At its tallest position the lift arm reaches 63" above the bed of the truck.

Click HERE to download a brochure<<<


18" deck extension installed on 8' deck.
The photo below shows an 8' deck with the 18" extension added.  The extension mounts in the landing wheel receivers and the wheels are then moved back to the receivers in the extension.

Either size deck is $4,380 FOB factory in PA.

Can-AM SuperDeck!  102" long, Rear width over 62", Uses standard 8' SuperDeck lift arm.  $4,770.

or Can-Am Extension for 8' SuperDeck-III:  $650.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Getting to Bike Week

We have had several calls from people wanting decks to haul their bikes to Daytona for bikeweek in March. Things need to happen in the next two weeks if that is on your agenda.

 Here's typical time-table for having a deck in your truck and ready to haul your equipment: Day 1: Talk to us and decide which deck model and what options you want. The only optional equipment to consider are the extensions or the wireless remote. Day 2: We prepare a quote and email it to you. This will include quote on freight which is good for ten (10) days. You sign and return the quote to let us know that we have the right equipment listed. Day 3: You mail (takes 4-7 days) or do a bank transfer (24 hours) in the amount of the quote and we notify the factory to make the shipment. Days 4-6 (if bank transfer): The factory palletizes your equipment and schedules an over-the-road shipper. Shipments are two days to the midwest and 3-5 days to the south or west. Mindful, we can't control weather delays or traffic.

When the deck arrives at your place you can make the installation within just a few hours. Decks must be delivered to a business address where there is someone with a fork lift, or equivalent, available to unload the palletized load from the shipper.

That puts the entire process at 8 - 10 days. We will do everything in our power to expedite things, but timetables, such as above, are based on our experience from many years of delivering decks.

 Thanks for your patience,
 Jeff Kurtz 717-620-9676 http://www.AmeriDeckMidwest.com

Friday, January 11, 2019

1000 uses! (FAQ)

We get lots of questions for special uses of the AmeriDeck products, including the SuperDeck III and the ChoreMaster dump body.  Here are just a few:

Question: " Can I put an 8' deck on a short-bed truck?"     Of course!  T
here is a pair of small brackets to be added to secure the deck to the hoist to be positioned at the 6'6" deck rollers.  Mindful, This combination will stick out about 28" from the rear of your truck and can add weight further back over your rear wheels.  This can affect your steering.

The solution for this particular user was to use a 6'6" deck with the 12" extension.  that provided enough length for their slightly longer than normal motorcycle.  See this related note: Fitting a longer bike <<<


Question:   "I bought a truck that came with a ChoreMaster box but no lift arm.  Can that be purchased separately?"   Of course!  Each component of the system can be purchased separately.  The Lift Arm (hoist) is $2,795 by itself.    We have several customers who bought the SuperDeck III and then added an extra ChoreMaster dump body.

We have a custom truck company in California who buys lift arms and them fabricates custom wider/longer/aluminum decks for their custom truck designs.


Question:  "Can I pick up a deck at the factory to save on freight?"   Of course!  Bring sturdy ratchet
straps and the warehouse will load your deck for you.  We even have an installer about 30 minutes from the factory in Western PA.  You will have to pay PA state sales tax but there can be a significant savings.

Also:  We have storage locations where we ship multiple decks at one time.  This lets us split the total freight price between 3 or 4 decks.  Current locations are Chicago, Denver, Reno, & San Diego.

On a related note:  If we receive two orders from one area we can arrange to combine the loads to save of freight for each customer.  Tell your friends!