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Monday, June 25, 2018

Hydraulic Package - Troubleshooting

It doesn't often come up, but if you need service or adjustments on your hydraulic, here are the specs:

Bucher Hydraulics
Grand Rapids, MI

Model  M3551-0514

From the owners guide - Details<<<

Some observed problems over the years:

Pressing button does not actuate pump.  Perhaps a wire at the plug-in connector has pulled loose.  Try squeezing the cable back into the connector while pressing the faulty button. The entire pendant can be replaced.

While moving in the "unload" direction the controller button was released, the motor shut off but the deck kept moving downward. (the hydraulic cylinder continued to extend).  Solution?  Valve C1 was replaced and the problem went away.

This has been a pretty flawless system over the years.  We will post more resolutions if incurred.
Everything is off-the-shelf american made and any hydraulic equipment, trailer or farm equipment location should be able to help remedy issues.