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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

For Towing Companies

Why do towing companies prefer the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III?

Major roadside assistance companies (which must remain un-named
) are realizing the liability if trying to transport motorcycles in rollback trucks and are directing their motorcycle towing calls to motorcycle specific towing companies.

Check your contracts with roadside assistance companies and make sure they know that you are equipped with the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III products.  Insist that they recognize you as a safer transporter with less potential for injuries, damaged motorcycles and customer complaints.

For obvious reasons we cannot say which MAJOR roadside companies we have learned this from,
but you can probably find that information with a couple calls to your towing association or roadside assistance service reps.

Make that call today... and if you don't have an AmeriDeck
you need to give us a call so we can get your set up promptly.

Google "motorcycle towing companies" in your metro and see how many are displaying AmeriDeck equipment on their home page.

No trailer required.   One person operation.  No more dropped bikes.

AmeriDeck Midwest is the only dealer in the country with units in stock on the east and west coast.

What Towing companies are using AmeriDeck superdeck?

Round Rock video <<<
Motorcycle Transporter, Ortonville, MI
Tow-A-Bike video <<<
Know Tow video <<<
2-Wheel Towing video <<<
Illusion Motorcycle Tow video <<<
Motorcycle Rescue video <<<
Confer Motorcycle Towing video <<<
Broken Bell Towing, St Louis, MO
Feldkamp Towing, Urbana, IL

Call any time to learn how the AmeriDeck SuperDeck products can increase your towing business income within a month!   Jeff 717-620-9676

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