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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fitting a longer bike

The AmeriDeck Superdecks come in several sizes.  Given some options, almost any bike/atv/quad should fit on one or our decks.   Here's what we need to know:

Year, Make and model of your truck>  ________________  
Short bed or long bed? :  __________    

To be certain, measure the length of your truck bed from the bulkhead beind the cab to the end of the flat surface of the bed (L).  :  __________  This will be about 78" on a short-bed truck and 96" on a long bed truck.  Not usually significant, but should be checked, the Bed Height (BH):  _____________

Bike Measurements:

Measure the wheel-base (WB), just for reference info: Axel to axel:  ______________
Measure from the front of the wheel (as if it were up against a wall) to the rear axel (DL).
This tells us how long the surface of the deck needs to be.:  ______________

If your bike has something hanging over the front of the front wheel, like the Can-Am Spyder trunk, you will want to block the wheel back from the bulkhead, or load your bike facing the rear.  This may require that you remove the windshield for wind-damage purposes.  This can allow a shorter deck to handle your bike.  This also is seen in some quads and side-by-sides.

Take two measurements of the wheel width...   Measure between the wheels (BW): _____
and from outside to outside of the wheels (WW):____________

Given this information we can select the proper deck for your needs.

Often the SDIII-Spyder deck is the most convenient for tricycles.  It is longer by 6" than the 8' deck and has the landing wheels spaced wider to accomodate the tricycle stance.

The 18" externsion will fit the short-bed or long-bed decks.