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Sunday, December 27, 2015

AmeriDeck Motorcycle Towing Videos

Just to give you some things to view... Here'a link to a dozen or more videos from out AmeriDeck users, many of which are towing companies featuring the AmeriDeck SDIII on their home pages.   In the weeks to come we will be publishing our own directory of SuperDeck Towing companies across the nation.


Please send us suggestions if you have a favorite motorcycle towing company or suggestions we can offer to our viewers.

While on the subject of needing road-side assistance, here's a great group of bikers-helping-bikers.  North American Biker Rescue <<<  I have been involved in a couple assists already this spring.  And, it's free.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Know-Tow is Florida's Pro at towing using the AmeriDeck.  Here is their video picking up a Can-Am Spyder with a Can-Am Spyder deck.:

Friday, November 20, 2015


The website you are viewing is done in a blog format.  If you would like to see more information on the AmeriDeck products please feel free to check our west coast office website at  www.AmeriDeckWest.com

I am working on dimension diagrams for you techies out there.  Their drawings show the max bed height without the deck feet extended is 34.5" and with the legs extended (deck not flat on the ground) it's 43".
The deck can be removed from the lifting arm by removing two pins and lowering the lift arm lower than the attachment slot.  If your truck is on the tall side you may need to block the front end of the deck up wo the arm will reach low enough.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Installed my SuperDeck!

This was an intereting week.   Drove the truck to Hadley, PA and picked up my AmeriDeck SuperDeck III direct from the factory.  Their installer was away that day so I went door-to-door pitching the deck and looking for someone to lend a hand making the installation.

Over near Youngstorn, OH I was refered to two guys in an old Texaco station that took up my offer and let me do the install there.   While they finished a truck they were working on, I found shade in a carwash stall and managed to un-buncle the power cables and get a head start ont he wiring.  I ran the battery cables over the bulkhead and under the cab to the truck battery.  Bill at the garage mounted the 60amp breaker and made the connection to the positive terminal.  The other lead went to a ground and the deck was alive!

We pressed the "Down" button and the deck lifted off the truck and onto the pavement behind the truck.  We drilled two 1/2" holes through the deck where required and bolted the SuperDeck III in place.   Had we knows what we were doing in the first place we could have been done in less than an hour.

I no sooner started down the interstate toward home when I saw a Harley rider on the shoulder working on his 1973 bike.   Pulling over he explained that one cylinder had failed and now he's 20 miles from work and 20 miles from home.   We rolled the bike onto the deck and headed to his place.   Here's some footage fro the day:

I'm sure you gasped when the bike rolled away from the bulkhead...   Looks like more tie-downs are in order.  Good suggestion... add a strap around the front tire to anchor it to the bulkhead, first thing.

Also I picked up two heavy duty 'anchor points' to place in the center of the deck at the front and back.  That will make it easier to tie two bikes ini place beside each other.  My plans include adding extra tail lights and a caution flasher to be used while roadside...   The company can also sells wheel chocks but I'll shop for those online eventually.  A little anti-skid paint on the deck is certain to be a good idea for wet weather.

Give me a call if you need a lift or have questions about getting an AmeriDeck SuperDeck III for yourself!

Jeff    717-620-9676
AMeriDeck Dealer

Either size deck is $3,640 FOB factory in PA.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Demo available!!

We now have a truck/deck on the road doing demonstrations.   Here's what you can expect:

60 second lift time
No dropped bikes
One person operation

Give us a call at AmeriDeckMidwest - 717-620-9676 for an appointment.

Our current schedule includes:

Week of Nov 2:  Touring from Pittsburg to Central IL on the interstate.   Let us know your location and we'll add you to the loop.

Week of Nov 9th:  Paducha, KY.  We'll be there most of the week.

More to follow.

Either size deck is $3,640 FOB factory in PA.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Best of alternates!

We are finding more and more towing companies looking for safe and secure ways to transport motorcycles.  Amerideck continues to get rave reviews for being easy to use and fast for getting stranded motorcycles and their passengers out of harms way on interstates and congested city streets.

When it comes to specialized motorcycle towing equipment, AmeriDeck SuperDeck III is your best option.   

The deck structure allows for many options to be added, such as wheel chocks, additional anchor points and even a front wind-barrier wall to protect the cargo from airborne debris and dust.   

Give me a call for a brochure or email for links to many videos by towing companies just like yours.    

Jeff Kurtz,  http://www.AmeriDeckMidwest.com,   717-620-9676    Jeff@Kurtzinpa.com

Happy Towing!


Monday, September 21, 2015

60 seconds load/unload.

Here's a Harley being loaded and unloaded in under 60 seconds. Companies with the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III are winning the towing rodeos hands-down. "Just give him the prize money..."

Friday, September 11, 2015


Here are a few ideas for what all you could be hauling with your AmeriDeck SuperDeck III!

If you are in the rental business you could be adding to your income by delivering power equipment to your client's site!   One person operation.  AND  you can still be towing your trailer with more equipment or materials.

Many of the options shown in the below document are available from the factory, but your local welding shop could customize your rig with sides, gates, wheel chocks... whatever makes your SuperDeck III perfect for your needs.

Give us a call at your convenience to discover how AmeriDeck SuperDeck III can be working for you!  Click for Brochure<<<


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Toy Hauler challenged?

After nearly a year of discussion with my g/f we took the plunge into the world of RV living with a nice Chevy 2500HD truck and a toy hauler.   Pictured above, this is from Forest River and has worked pretty nicely.   The convenience, economically, is not having to pay the costs of a box for the toy, and not having to eat dinner with a motorcycle in the kitchen.   Couple guys told  me that their bikes leaked gas and oil and stunk up the camper pretty bad.   This one puts the bike(s) outdoor and gives us an 18' camper box for ourselves.   That has been really nice.

Two less-than-perfect features are that a) its 33 inches up in the air to the deck.   I modified the two 6' ramps to be 8', but it's still a bit daunting to sit at the bottom of the ramp with the motor running and not to think of loosing it...      First time i loaded I killed the engine.  Got it restarted
without a problem... other than shaken nerves.   Then at Lake George NY I didn't move the trailer to an open area and the ground was muddy.    I started from a standing start at the base of the ramp and ended up spinning the rear wheel halfway up the ramp and dropping off the side...  no pain, but close call.   

To continue with the difficult points (which, after 10,000 miles are pretty much out of the way) number B) is managing this 51' truck/trailer rig through traffic and in and out of diesel fuel stops.   Fortunately, being a diesel, we are able to depend on major truck-stops to give us plenty of space getting in and out.  The few times we have used smaller filling-stations we have been in pretty tight spaces, had to back out the way we came in due to congestion or access areas and often all for naught if they didn't have diesel where we could get access.

That being said, I'm finally comfortable planning fuel stops long before leaving the house with the help of Google Maps and all the internet data and apps that are available.   

So... What other options are out there that might simplify these issues?

The conventional toy-haulers usually have the huge ramp that folds down from the back wall of the trailer.  Those certainly are wide enough to be pretty fool proof, and long enough that it's not a terrible incline.   Although the bike has be backed down the ramp, where as the unit I have let's me just move the ramp to the other side of the trailer and I drive easily down.

Without adding another trailer, the only option is getting the bike into the bed of my pick up truck.  As for ramps,  I've done that a number of times, but I can't back the bike down without at least one other powerful person helping guide my way.

Then I came across the power deck from Amerideck.   Turns out my friend Skip Glosser, Salem OR, has become a dealer and educated me to the benefits of using the "LOAD" button to do all the work!

The steel deck starts out on the ground.  Roll your bike onto the deck and strap it down for the big ride up into the truck.   Less complicated than strapping down in a pickup truck because everything is right out in the open.

Hit the UP button on the control cable and the bike(s) are effortlessly lifted by the hydraulic hoist mechanism up and into the truck!!

How simple is that?    There are decks for long or short bed trucks, and one that is wider for the Can-AM tricycle.   All are priced at $3,640, FOB Pennsylvania factory.

I can give you more detail with a phone call.  717-620-9676.  

For that matter, here's a link to a document linking to a dozen or so youtube videos showing various machines being loaded with these Amerideck Superdeck III ramps.<<< 

and here's a brochure!  <<< 
and here's page 2. <<<

You can reach us on the West Coast  by viewing www.AmerideckWest.com

Skip Gosser
Aumsville Equipment Sales
Aumsville, OR 97325
Telephone: 503-749-1601
E-mail: info@ezload-decks.com

or, in the East or Midwest call me directly.  

Jeff Kurtz  www.AmerideckMidwest.com  717-620-9676 


Travel safe!  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

AmeriDeck Motorcycle Towing

AMERIDECK Bike to Truck lifts!   August, 2015

Alternates for hauling the bike...   

Having experienced several challenges getting my bike into a truck/trailer, I'm adding a convenience item to my truck.    And I just became a distributor for AmeriDeck SuperDeck III !   

My friend Skip out in OR is letting me sell for him and it's quite a useful tool!

You can get plenty of  details from various websites about the AmeriDeck.   It has two sizes, priced the same, for short or long-bed pickups.  About the only thing to be cautious of is to make certain that your truck can handle the load... or potential load.  The deck weighs about #600.  Add to that the potential to carry two bikes (#1,600 additional?) and then try to make a panic stop at 65 MPH.   A very light truck may not be the best application... but it's your call.

Priced at $3,640.00 plus freight from the factory in PA to your location or your installer.   Installation takes about 3 hours and, other than lifting the device into place, it's just a matter of a few bolts and power from the vehicle battery.  

Here's a link to the detail brochure P1. <<<
Here's the link to P2 with the product specs. <<<

Give me a call for details and to get your Amerideck on it's way to your truck!     717-620-9676    Jeff

See more at AmerideckWest.com ...  And tell them that "That Kurtz guy sent us!"