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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

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Check our our Specifications page for dimensions and other fitting details.   Available in Short or Long-Bed sizes.  #2,500 capacity.  Either size deck is $4,380 FOB factory in PA.

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The deck fits in a full-size pickup with either a 6 1/2 or 8-ft. bed. It includes its own electric-hydraulic system with a 150-amp breaker. Once installed, a hydraulic arm pushes the deck off and onto the ground. Once loaded, the arm pulls the deck back onto the truck. A system with the standard SuperDeck sells for $4,380 plus freight. 

   You can select from various decks and options, from the 58 by 96-in., flat SuperDeck to the Choremaster with solid tapered sides, dual function dump gate and 40-cu. ft. capacity.  Multiple decks can be used with a single loading system. Just drop the deck on the ground and drive away.

   From one of our customers:  “I can deliver a large square bale of hay to a farm and drop it off, even stack bales on end. You can haul any load under 2,500 lbs. I know a guy who rents out Smart Cars. He picks up and delivers them with his AmeriDeck. I use my Motorcycle Deck with my own motorcycles. I use a ChoreMaster for garbage. Just drop it in place and pick it up to haul away when it’s full.
  “The longer I have the deck system, the more uses I find for it. I don’t even like lifting my pressure washer into the truck bed anymore. I just roll it on a deck, strap it down and raise the bed into place. Without a bed, the arm makes a handy lift arm. I’ve used it to swap out motors at a race or to pull fence posts."

Friday, January 5, 2018

2018 production schedule

We  are currently in stock on all items.  This can change daily.

If you want a deck on your truck in time for bike week now is the time to place your order.  We have no problems finding installers anywhere in the country, with hitch/trailer dealers being our best resource.  Expect to pay afrom $250-$400 for the installation.  It's not really that complicated and if you can get the deck unloaded from the tractor-trailer and into your truck the rest of the process can be done by one person and a 1/2" drill.

We are looking forward to photos of your truck hauling your favorite toys!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Aftermarket modifications

NB Products Choremaster with StakesAmeriDeck offers the basic decks and the Choremaster, but customers can get creative to modify their equipment for their own needs.  In our literature you will see quite a few adaptations that the factory had done in the past.  Unfortunately if they didn't sell well we couldn't keep them in the product line.   

In the days to come I'll look for a few photos of what our customers have done and add them here.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

We recently delivered the first SuperDeck Utility deck for the Bureau of Land Management!  It is mounted in a utility truck used for fire fighting.

If you have a utility truck that can fit the 50" wide deck between your sidewalls this could be the unit for you.

This deck was a custom design and is longer than standard decks. (see drawing attached) and fits a standard 8' truck bed.  The tailgate on the deck was a requirement for the BLM but can be removed or deleted from new orders.  We have only one of these now in stock, pending incoming orders.  Delivery of new manufactured stock could be 6 weeks.  Price subject to change pending manufacturing review.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Pricing Change August 1, 2017

Please read this.  I need to get to the other pages to show new prices.

We will sell existing deck inventory at old price, but that will end by the end of August.  Please call soon to discuss anything you are interested in the next 30 days.

6'6" SuperDeck III - $4,380
8'   SuperDeck III   - $4,380

Wireless Remote -       $ 230
12" Deck Extension -  $ 530
12" Can-AM Extn -     $650

Prices are still FOB the factory in Hadley, PA.  If you were given a freight quote more than 10 days ago we need to recheck it before taking your order.

Have a great weekend!

Jeff Kurtz

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


As of October 18th, all decks and lifts are now being ZINK coated by power-coating prior to the black powder coat!

Here are a few photos with dimensions for the deck and where it sits on the truck.  The actual dimensions of the flat decks are:

Short-bed:   78" open area from the wall of the deck bulkhead to where the 6" ramp begins. 
Long-bed:    96" open area

Both decks are 58" wide.  The standard bulkhead is 29 5/8" tall.

 At its tallest position the lift arm reaches 63" above the bed of the truck.

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18" deck extension installed on 8' deck.
The photo below shows an 8' deck with the 18" extension added.  The extension mounts in the landing wheel receivers and the wheels are then moved back to the receivers in the extension.

Either size deck is $4,380 FOB factory in PA.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

SuperDeck III Featured on Officer.com!

This just in!  Our product was selected by Officer.com for their Law Enforcement Equipment pages!

Check out this link (and forward to your L.E. friends.

As Seen at Officer.com <<<

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