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Friday, January 11, 2019

1000 uses! (FAQ)

We get lots of questions for special uses of the AmeriDeck products, including the SuperDeck III and the ChoreMaster dump body.  Here are just a few:

Question: " Can I put an 8' deck on a short-bed truck?"     Of course!  T
here is a pair of small brackets to be added to secure the deck to the hoist to be positioned at the 6'6" deck rollers.  Mindful, This combination will stick out about 28" from the rear of your truck and can add weight further back over your rear wheels.  This can affect your steering.

The solution for this particular user was to use a 6'6" deck with the 12" extension.  that provided enough length for their slightly longer than normal motorcycle.  See this related note: Fitting a longer bike <<<


Question:   "I bought a truck that came with a ChoreMaster box but no lift arm.  Can that be purchased separately?"   Of course!  Each component of the system can be purchased separately.  The Lift Arm (hoist) is $2,795 by itself.    We have several customers who bought the SuperDeck III and then added an extra ChoreMaster dump body.

We have a custom truck company in California who buys lift arms and them fabricates custom wider/longer/aluminum decks for their custom truck designs.


Question:  "Can I pick up a deck at the factory to save on freight?"   Of course!  Bring sturdy ratchet
straps and the warehouse will load your deck for you.  We even have an installer about 30 minutes from the factory in Western PA.  You will have to pay PA state sales tax but there can be a significant savings.

Also:  We have storage locations where we ship multiple decks at one time.  This lets us split the total freight price between 3 or 4 decks.  Current locations are Chicago, Denver, Reno, & San Diego.

On a related note:  If we receive two orders from one area we can arrange to combine the loads to save of freight for each customer.  Tell your friends!


Thursday, December 27, 2018

Why I abandoned my toy hauler...

Why I abandoned my toy hauler for the truck deck.  

Although motorcycle traveling is great fun, weather and distance can leave you arriving at your destination tired and drained. The SuperDeck III, installed on a suitable pickup truck, allows you to travel to your motorcycle destination in comfort.  Although motorcycle traveling is great fun, weather and distance can leave you arriving at your destination tired and drained.  With the bike on the deck you arrive relaxed and ready to engage in your desired activities.

In comparison to a toy hauler, the SuperDeck III has several advantages.   First, and significant, is the cost of a fully contained toy hauler vs the cost of the SuperDeck III and a less expensive camper equivalent to the toy hauler.   Unless your bike needs protection from the elements, the cost of the “garage” section in a conventional toy hauler is unnecessary.  Towing and maneuvering an 18’ camper is much simpler than dealing with a 30+’ toy hauler.

Secondly, most toy haulers use the bike storage area for a second purpose when the bike is not in
place… this is usually space for the kitchen table or additional bunk space.   This space simply isn’t available when the bike(s) are loaded.   Not to mention that a certain amount of gas, oil and grime are there in your living quarters in the toy hauler.

In terms of convenience, the toy hauler scores big again! If you are just taking your bike out to a one-day event, you don’t need the entire camper or a trailer.  Just park the bike on the SuperDeck II and press the UP button.  Head to the event without having to maneuver/unhook or deal with a trailing storage system.  There’s plenty of storage under the deck for your duffel, cooler and tools.

How about safety?  Other than a hydraulic hitch mounted bike carrier, almost any toy hauler or trailer* is going to have a ramp to deal with.   It was one thing to ride my Bultaco trials bike up a 2x6 into the truck bed, but that was 40 years ago with a #190 bike.   Any ramp offers opportunity for error, particularly in snow or rain.  The SuperDeck III is at ground level where it is simple for one person to push or ride a bike into position against the bulkhead and put down the kick stand while the bike is being strapped down.   Pushing a #500 bike up any ramp is usually more than a single individual can safely manage.   Just check the videos on YouTube for any number of “motorcycle ramp loading fails.

  • note:  the Razor brand  trailer has a drop deck.

The other convenient feature of the SuperDeck III is that it has many alternate uses!   From hauling ATV’s, engine blocks, bales of hay or your mom’s sofa, the SuperDeck III puts any load, up to #2,500, into your truck at the touch of a button!

In summary, the Superdeck III covers all the bases.  Safety, comfort, convenience and utility at a fraction of the cost of a toy hauler.  And you can still have access to your truck hitch to tow your camper or more toys!

For details on the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III visit our website www.AmeriDeckMidwest.com

For details contact me directly at 717-620-9676

Jeff Kurtz
Click HERE to download a brochure<<<

The Powerdeck™, formerly known as the Superdeck™ III, is a simple design that can haul heavy equipment, bulk materials, and recreation vehicles.

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Friday, December 14, 2018

NYPD SuperDeck Fleet!

CONGRATULATONS to the NY Police Department on their purchase of an additional truck mounted AmeriDeck SuperDeck III!   The new unit is not in the above photos, as it is still in the fab-shop being installed.  Photos next week, we hope!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Request Literature

AmerideckMidwest is the midwest (everywhere East of Denver, CO) sales office for AmeriDeck Products We are a distributor for the Amerideck products, primarily the SuperDeck III (aka PowerDeck) hydraulic lift deck for pickup trucks.

We can help with troubleshooting and installation issues.  Even aftermarket and DIY ideas.

If you are looking for motorcycle towing and transporting equipment, AmeriDeckMidwest offers the AmeriDeck SuperDeck III in both 6'6" and 8' designs.

To request brochures use this page: 

Jeff Kurtz
Contact now:  <<<


Owner Jeff Kurtz
Carterville, IL 62918
Email: Jeff@kurtzinpa.com

TEXT or email:

Holiday shipping issues

Not a particularly interesting topic, but we are approaching the worst time of year to schedule and deliver decks, either singles or in pallet loads.

This year we will stop shipping from December 19th thru January 4th. We have found that shipments suffer unexpected delays and routing issues during those few weeks.  Even when we resume in January, the weather can delay shipments, so don't get your hopes up for a "by Friday" delivery.

As far as I know, the factory will be open and decks can be picked up by customers most days.  PA sales tax is charged for anything picked up at the factory.

That being said, we do have decks in stock and more being produced in December.  At the very least, you can head to Daytona for bike week, nice and warm in your truck and arrived rested and safe with your bikes on your new SuperDeck III.

For what it's worth, we do have decks available in San Diego,  Reno, Chicago, Austin and Denver if you feel like traveling and take advantage of the group shipment rates we have to those locations.

If there is a SuperDeck III in your future, now is a good time to let us know and see if we can save you some cash.

Shoot me an email, text of phone call if we can talk and start working something out.  I take calls into the evening if that's more convenient for you.

If you are concerned about finding an installer, we have had great luck with truck body shops, 4x4 truck supply companies and  tractor shops.  We'll find an installer near you.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Advantages for financing through  Quick Spark and using Section 179 tax deduction!

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Ask for Noelle!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018


“Why reinvent the wheel?”

“In my quest for a way to transport our two full-size Harleys on extended summ
er trips, I found the AmeriDeck system. This type of hydraulic loading system was something I had been researching for some time. I had even began conversations with a local welding shop to fabricate such a system for my pickup – but why reinvent the wheel?”
“With our AmeriDeck, SuperDeck III we can haul our Harleys in our 6.5 foot short bed pickup. Then, we can pull our truck behind our motor home. Now, when we set off for a five week long trip we have our bikes and we have enclosed transportation, too. We love the AmeriDeck system, it has plenty of power to load our bikes and it works beautifully. We have been asked about the system so many times that we now keep brochures handy.”
Tom Potter
Satisfied AmeriDeck Customer

AmeriDeck SuperDeck III reviewed by Hot Bike magazine:  LINK <<<

As motorcycle enthusiasts we try to put as many miles in the saddle of our bikes as possible. Sometimes however, while we might hate to admit it, it's necessary to load a bike onto a trailer or into the back of a truck. A couple of reasons might be if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road or you're making a long cross-country road trip and need to be at your destination in a hurry and fresh. Whatever the reason, there are many ways to transport a bike from one destination to another.

One of our local shops, Eightball Rods and Choppers (eightballrodsandchoppers.com) in Placentia, California, had a dilemma. It had recently built a raked and stretched chopper with a super-long girder frontend, so long (more than 9 feet), it wouldn't fit into the bed of the shop's Chevy dually truck when the guys needed to haul it to shows and events. Aside from the chopper, Eightball also serves as somewhat of a pit crew, towing legendary motorcycle land-speed guru Wink Eller's 14-foot-long, 180-mph-plus sidecar rig up and down the course at events like Bonneville and El Mirage. Eightball solved its problem by picking up a hydraulic loading system from AmeriDeck.  (Click the above link for the complete story.)

Oregon agricultural user:
 Best Buy AmeriDeck Hydraulic Loading System
Skip Gosser, Aumsville, Ore.: “I love my AmeriDeck hydraulic loading system. I use it with several decks to haul motorcycles, large square hay bales and all sorts of materials for my business, farm and fun.
  “The deck fits in a full-size pickup with either a 6 1/2 or 8-ft. bed. It includes its own electric-hydraulic system with a 150-amp breaker. Once installed, a hydraulic arm pushes the deck off and onto the ground. Once loaded, the arm pulls the deck back onto the truck. A system with the standard SuperDeck sells for $4,380 (updated) plus freight.
  “You can select from various decks and options, from the 58 by 96-in., flat SuperDeck to the Choremaster with solid tapered sides, dual function dump gate and 40-cu. ft. capacity. You can even get a Van Body deck that can hold up to 2,000 lbs. of tools and materials and can be locked up and left at a job site. Multiple decks can be used with a single loading system. Just drop the deck on the ground and drive away.
     “I can deliver a large square bale of hay to a farm and drop it off, even stack bales on end.
  “You can haul any load under 2,500 lbs. I know a guy who rents out Smart Cars. He picks up and delivers them with his AmeriDeck. I use my Motorcycle Deck with my own motorcycles. I use a ChoreMaster for garbage. Just drop it in place and pick it up to haul away when it’s full.
  “The longer I have the deck system, the more uses I find for it. I don’t even like lifting my pressure washer into the truck bed anymore. I just roll it on a deck, strap it down and raise the bed into place. Without a bed, the arm makes a handy lift arm. I’ve used it to swap out motors at a race or to pull on things.

The AmeriDeck Hydraulic loading system is the smart solution to increase the versatility and utilization of your pickup. This one-of-a-kind system makes it possible for a full-size pickup to load heavy equipment and cargo from the ground and onto the truck bed with simple push-button operation. Four deck styles are available, including a dump bed variation.